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April 7/21

April 7/21 

Dear R2 Members, 


We would like to announce that we are now a full retail store where we have teamed up with our equipment suppliers to be a distributor of their products. We will still provide licensed supplement sales and official gym attire. All our equipment will be for demo purposes in our spacious show room.  Just like at Costco, you will need to have a current membership with us in order to shop here. When deciding on equipment to purchase, we strongly encourage you to ‘try it before you buy it’ as this is a very important purchase, we want to ensure you are happy with your decision. If needed, try the item multiple times, in fact take a few days/weeks to decide.  Decided upon equipment can then be purchased and ordered directly through us.

We will continue to adhere to COVID protocols meaning that MASKS ARE MANDITORY, AS IS BOOKING YOUR ARRIVAL TIME ONLINE (NO DROP-INS ALLOWED AT THIS TIME) as this ensures we are at that 15% retail fire capacity. As well as continued sanitizing on your behalf too.



If you are not comfortable with this, you need to contact us directly ASAP, as memberships will not be frozen/turned off at this time. Time lost is time lost, so if you want us to freeze your membership, do so sooner than later.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe!

The R2 Crew


We are excited to announce that WE WILL OPEN March 3rd @ 5am! We cannot wait to welcome you back to our facility.

Here’s what you need to know: 

1. Low intensity individual training, such as walking on treadmill, light weight training and stretching are now allowed without a trainer (as mandated by the Government of Alberta). 

2. You MUST PRE-BOOK your workout ARRIVAL TIME (see link below). NO DROP-INS will be allowed at this time. You use the link to book in and, of course, have an active membershp. 

BOOKING LINK:   Book Now!  

3.       High intensity, such as heavy weight lifting, HIIT, or any activities that have a high depth and rate of respiration is only permitted by booking a one to one session with a trainer (as mandated by the Government of Alberta) 

4.       All previous Gym/Covid protocols remain the same. 3 meters physical distancing as well as MANDATED MASKS. 

Renewals and new membership sign-ups will still be done during office hours. Renewals can be called in and renewed with a credit card. 

ALL MEMBERSHIPS THAT WERE FROZEN during this recent shut down have been reactivated and any time lost during these past 79 days has been added accordingly.  If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact us ASAP. 

Finally, a huge thank you for all your support this past year from the kind words, check ins, supplement a & swag purchases as well as to those who chose not to freeze their memberships and continued to have them run during this shut down! 

Please do your part as we all need to work together to keep the gyms open. 

We look forward to seeing you in here and moving forward together,


Response Plan

·      We are taking the following control measures in response to COVID-19:

o   If a case or outbreak is reported, Rip’N Ronnie’s Fitness management reserves the authority to modify or cancel services. 

o   If a staff member or gym attendee reports that they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been in the facility, the gym will implement enhanced cleaning measures. Anyone currently in the facility will be asked to leave and individuals who have been in the facility will be advised to:

§  Self-isolate

§  Monitor symptoms daily and consult the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool available on the AHS website to help determine if further assessment is required.

§  Call 8-1-1 for health advice and 9-1-1 for emergencies

o   In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 related to the gym, Rip’N Ronnie’s Fitness management will immediately report this to a medical health officer at Alberta Health Services.

o   If Rip’N Ronnie’s Fitness is contacted by a medical health officer in the course of contact tracing, all individuals associated with the gym are expected to cooperate with health authorities.

·      Along with these procedures, Rip’N Ronnie’s Fitness is taking measures to follow all guidelines and precautions from the Government of Alberta. We encourage staff and patrons to refer to the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services websites for more information.

What we are asking of you:

 ·      Please observe all AHS recommendations for safety protocol. Keep at least 2m (about 1 barbell length) between yourself and others at all times.

·      You MUST read COVID Screening questionnaire. If answer NO to all questions, you may proceed to SIGN IN with your FOB (this is a requirement, FOB is needed 100%). This verifies that you do not have any symptoms related to COVID-19.   If you answer yes to any of these, you still sign in that you’ve read screening questions but you will not be permitted to come in. If you do not have your FOB, you will be asked to leave and return with it.

·      Please grab your own disinfectant spray bottles and rag located by the front desk to clean equipment before and after use. Take this with you for the duration of your workout.

·      Please come dressed in gym attire. Water bottles are permitted, but we ask that you leave all other personal belongings/equipment at home or in your vehicle. The water fountain is not in use but the drink machine is.

·      Changerooms can be used for emergency washroom use only. Personal items can not be left in the changeroom, however, gym bags can be stored up front in the 'darker' tile area, supplement counter or the counter of our kids’ corner.  We cannot have a lost and found box during this time. Showers and towel service are also unavailable at this time.

What we are doing:

·      Frequent hand washing and masks worn by all staff

·      Physical distancing of 3 meters (about a barbell length) minimum observed at all times. Staff will be monitoring and enforcing as needed.

·      Daily screening routine for everyone entering the gym, including staff

·      Frequent cleaning throughout the day. We have implemented a cleaning checklist that will be completed on a regular schedule.

·      Spacing between equipment, some machines will be unavailable

·      Touchless payment options


 Starting Feb.8/21, we will be offering 1 to 1 training.

As per the Government of Alberta's current COVID restrictions, we are only able to offer these private/pre-booked sessions. Unfortunately, this does not allow for regular membership use at this time. Memberships will continue to be frozen until we are able to open the front doors for all our members again!

Please contact Craig, Melissa or Sheldon directly to book your private training session, if interested or for more details!

Please contiue to watch our social media platforms for all the updates as we are unable to hire any front end staff back or have any office hours at this time!


 Not the news we were hoping for!  

The Government just announced Indoor Fitness can resume Feb. 8.
this most recent ease of restrictions (only allowing 1-on-1 personal training) does not allow the majority of Albertans access to fitness. 
On top of that, it does not give most fitness facilities the means necessary to reopen their doors. 
R2 is trying to figure out the best way to use this to be able to open the gym and get ALL members back in the gym. Please be patient as we navigate through this unique process. Hopefully more clarity is on the way in the next few days.
Love the R2 family
Sep. 14/20 - 24 Hour Access Returns
Starting today, we will be going back to 24 HOUR ACCESS 7days/week for our members 18 years of age and older!
Monday 9:30am - 7:00pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30am-5:30pm
Thursday 9:30am-7:00pm
Friday 9:30pm-4:30pm
Weekends & holidays CLOSED
*Members under 18 have 5am-11pm access 7 days/week!
.       NEW Drop-Ins, NEW 5 & 10 passes, NEW 2 week memberships are permitted for CENTRAL ALBERTA RESIDENTS ONLY.  Proof of residence will be required. A paper COVID screening will be completed.
Huge thank you to all our members for doing their due diligence and adhering to COVID-19 Relaunch Protocols.
Keep that up & stay safe!
Memberships Explained...

 To our valued and awesome members:

On March 17/20 we made the tough decision to close our doors and FREEZE everyone's membership. Meaning any time that you still had at R2, you wouldn't lose.

Friday, June 12/20 we will reopen our doors (more details to come on that) and all memberships that were active over our shut down time will be REACTIVATED. For example if you expired 4 days after our shut down time, you will have 4 days starting June 12.
We will have been shut down for 88 days total, so those members that originally expired after June 12/20, we have added an additional 88 days onto your original expiry date.
Due to the complexity of this situation, we feel this is the most honorable and fair way to do this. If you are unsure of your membership status, please call us during office hours to find out (again, more details coming on that end).
Watch for an instructional video tomorrow (June 11) on some of our new protocols we will need to follow.
We've missed all of you and look forward to seeing you soon???
Fitness Classes

 Check out our CALENDAR LINK for all fitness classes!  Click on the class name for more details.  [ Calendar ]

More sad news gang.  The Alberta Government has mandated ALL GYMS & FITNESS CENTERS Province wide to close as of Dec. 13/20.  R2 will be closed effective Saturday, Dec.12 @ 11pm. 
We will continue to keep you updated as we move through these times. 
All memberships will be "frozen" as of Dec. 13. As we did in the spring when we were shut down, any time lost during this closure, we will honor that time once we get the ok to reopen.
Stay strong & safe R2 Crew!
R2 Wall of Fame

We would like to celebrate our local talent here at R2.  So, if you have an athletic accomplishment that you are particularly proud of and willing to share, we want you! 

It can be anything from losing 10lbs., gained 10lbs of muscle, conquering your first obstacle race, body building competition, running your first 5km, etc.  If R2 helped, we want to celebrate you…

All we require from you is a photo (ex. Before/After, Crossing the Finish Line, etc.) and if you want, a brief description!

We look forward to celebrating all your accomplishments!


Re-opening Information June 12, 2020


POSTED JUNE 11, 2020

Rip’N Ronnie’s Fitness is excited to announce our reopening on June 12, 2020 at 6am. Outlined below are our conditions of reopening and what we are doing to ensure safety throughout this process. We understand that these new conditions are not ideal for everyone but ask that you bear with us as the safety of guests and members is our priority. Please read the following information thoroughly and contact the gym if you have any questions.

Some areas, including the kids corner (and in fact, kids are asked not to accompany members at this time), and water fountain, sauna, will not be accessible. Keep in mind some equipment may not be available based on our safety regulations. At the moment we currently believe we won’t have a problem with capacity levels due to our square footage/usage ratio. However, if we see that this is changing, we reserve the right to refuse entry until levels resume to an acceptable ratio.

We are unable to accept entry within 1 hour of our closing time.  For example, if we close at 10pm (meaning all members need to leave at or before 10pm), you are not permitted after 9pm. Again, if we can all get these new protocols figured out, we’ll be able to get to our 24/7 access sooner!

Surprisingly enough, lots of people still don't know this. With the use of our KEY FOB, you will have access to the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need to do is come in during office hours to get signed up and purchase your FOB/membership, and you are all set!

For our rates, check out the ABOUT PAGE and then the MEMBERSHIP RATES link.

Office hours are located on the CONTACT PAGE.